Northern Virginia Chapter President
Presidents Message

What is Sisterhood?


Sisterhood is not just the combination of Greek letters the beauty of crimson and cream it's about friendship and trust sharing hopes and dreams

it doesn't lie in the depths of pledges, songs and played parts it's what lies deep within the depths of our hearts for each other growing together becoming strong, as one helping each other, building each other to withstand and overcome

 supporting your sister when she is in need wiping her tears and easing her pain when she bleeds being a shoulder to lean on in times of despair letting her know that you'll always be there

 sisterhood is not just strolls and dancing at parties the fun you have at step shows it's the warmth and affection you have for each other and the relationships that grow

it's the tug at your heart when she's going through it's you doing what you can do to help her pull through sharing her burdens and easing the load she may bare it's about being consistent and showing your care. ______________________________________

Author unknown





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